Outstanding Security Team
Internal Security & Cyber Defense – Deutsche Telekom Security

Deutsche Telekom’s “internal security” division has stood for the highest standards for over 20 years – both for the Deutsche Telekom Group and for its customers. The team are considered trend-setters in big data development both internally and with their international partners. The judges considered their performance to be extremely innovative, with long lasting benefits for employee development and the company.

Outstanding Security Training Initiative
“Hacker Island” Cyber Risk & Information Security – Commerzbank

The information security campaign “Hacker Island” by Commerzbank combines different educational formats, offering every employee the opportunity to educate themselves according to their learning style. The judges applauded the publication’s creativity in using humour and unconventional teaching tools to engage staff, whilst also having a long-lasting impact on informing its users.

Outstanding Security Partnership
Volkswagen & IAV Drone Innovation Partnership

Volkswagen and IAV’s product development partnership has honed in on the potential of drones to support patrols and alarm tracking of protected assets. Together the two organisations have succeeded in developing tethered drone surveillance which can be controlled from existing intrusion alarm systems.

The judges commended the two organisations for being pioneers in German industrial security with their forward-thinking and innovative approach.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr. Christoph Schog

Having previously been a consultant and a trainer in the modelling and architecture of IT systems, Chris then became CSO at T-systems in 2004 and later Executive Security Manager in 2009. He has used his exceptional internal and external networks to help raise awareness of security issues, starting with the “Mission Security” initiative in 2004 which 3 years later was awarded the Baden-Württemberg Security Prize, and going on to manage more than 200 different awareness initiatives by 2017.

In addition, Chris has participated in over 150 specialist lectures worldwide and has been dedicated to his role in visiting international T-Systems locations to support on-site incubation. Outside of his initiatives at T-Systems, in 2006 he co-founded the Dax-30 Roundtable Security Awareness initiative, a scheme which promotes sharing information on Good Practice and actively recruits young professionals.

It is Chris’ technical expertise combined with his openness to innovation and his generosity in knowledge sharing that make him such an admirable figure in the industry.