Due to the current coronavirus situation, the 2020 German OSPAs will now take place as part of an OSPAs Thought Leadership Webinar on Wednesday, 15th December at 16:30 CET.

The session will begin with a panel discussion on:

Germany and the security response to Covid-19: what have been the learning points?
Previous webinars have helped highlight the learning points from the security experience of the pandemic, across the globe. But one place about which we have heard very little is Germany. This is perhaps all the more striking given that in some countries the German response to Covid-19 has been a reference point for good practice. But what about for security? In this webinar we will explore how Germany has coped, what the high-performance activities have been and where security has been found to be lacking. This webinar will:

  • Explore the factors that have characterised the German response to Covid-19
  • Examine the areas where German security was tested
  • Discuss the implications for the type of security that will emerge in the ‘new normal’

Hans-Wilhelm Dünn – President at Cyber-Sicherheitsrat Deutschland
Dr. Michael Littger – Managing Director of Deutschland sicher im Netz (DsiN)
Axel Petri – Deputy Chief Security Officer Deutsche Telekom AG and Deputy Chairman Security Committee BDI
Volker Wagner – Chairman of the board of the ASW Bundesverbandes

Following the panel discussion, the finalists of the 2020 German OSPAs will be celebrated and winners will be revealed.




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