2019 German OSPA winners announced

Oct 10, 2019News

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2019 German Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs). The award presentation took place at Business Risks Summit 2019, which was jointly organised by ASIS Germany and ACFE, and was introduced with a keynote speech from Jürgen Mathies, the secretary of state (NRW).

OSPA winners were selected by an esteemed panel of industry figures who judged entries using the same criteria which is applied across the world. Each winner demonstrated that they have performed at an exceptional level and has shown their commitment and outstanding performance within the security sector.

Founder of the OSPAs, Martin Gill, said:

“Many congratulations to all the finalists and especially the winners of the German OSPAs, in the opinion of the judges the competition was intense.  Many thanks to all the judges, and all those who attended the fantastic reception to celebrate the success of the German security sector.”

The winners are:

Herausragender In-House Sicherheitsteam

Deutsche Telekom AG Group Security Governance First Squad

Herausragende Sicherheitspartnerschaft

Gesprächskreis Innere Sicherheit Nordrhein-Westfalen

“It is a special distinction for us to have received the OSPA for ‘Outstanding Security Partnership’. The high level of expertise bundled in the discussion group is a success factor of this unique initiative. Furthermore, the cooperation within the Internal Security North Rhine-Westphalia discussion group is largely based on the trusting and appreciative interaction between the various actors. All members of the discussion group are proud to hold this award in their hands.”

Herausragende Initiative für Sicherheitsschulungen

CyberRange-e – innogy SE

“It’s a special feeling to hold this award in our hands. I am very proud to have built the CyberRange-e together with our great team. My thanks go to them, but also to the four grid operators Westnetz, LVN, Syna and Mitnetz, who supported the project in terms of personnel, technical expertise and financial support”Alexander Harsch, Project Manager

Herausragende Informationssicherheit 


Herausragender Sicherheitsberater

Prof. Dr. Konrad Zerr – Deutsche Telekom

 “I would like to express my great joy about the prize and the recognition it has brought. I share the recognition with my team who made this possible.

Our work is supported by the exchange with our customers. I would therefore like to express my thanks to Deutsche Telekom, which initiated the application […] We will carry on the idea behind the award and hope that it will be a source of encouragement and support for our work.”

Herausragende Sicherheitsexpertin

Christine Kipke – Knowbe4

“I am absolutely thrilled of have been awarded with The OSPA 2019 as Herausragende Sicherheitsexpertin. As I had to be in the US, I could not attend the ceremony in person and thank my dear colleague Lesley D’Anna for taking the award in my place. 

I would like to thank the jurors who found me worthy of the award. I would also like to thank all those who were and are enthusiastic about my work.

Many thanks to my incredible team at exploqii and KnowBe4 who support me in all activities. I accept this award for all women working in the Security Industry. It is the most exciting sector. I continue to do my best to motivate women to take on the challenges of this business – especially in the prevention of cybercrime.”

Besonderes Lebenswerk

Rainer von zur Mühlen

“As your student, who appreciates you as a “master” and has learned a lot from you directly and indirectly through personal contact, I am delighted that your life’s work has been honoured in this way. In times of economic boom, when questions of security were rather neglected, you reminded like a caller in the desert that times could change and the security situation could deteriorate. Purposefully you started to build your company up to today’s market leadership.

An outstanding life’s work that has received its well-deserved tribute.”Kurt Hickisch, Chief of the Police of Oberösterreich

Our thanks go to the esteemed panel of judges for their commitment to evaluating all of the nominations, Uwe Roeniger and MyBreev, and Volker Wagner and ASW for their help in organising the event. Our thanks also go to ASIS Germany and ACFE for hosting the OSPAs at their summit and Edith Cowan University for sponsoring the trophies.

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