We are delighted to announce the winners of this year’s German Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs). The prestigious award presentation took place at DRIVE, Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin as part of a gala dinner.

OSPA winners were selected by an esteemed panel of industry figures who judged entries using the same criteria which is applied across the world. Each winner demonstrated that they have performed at an exceptional level and has shown their commitment and outstanding performance within the security sector.

Professor Martin Gill, founder of the OSPAs said;

The third German OSPAs, hosted by Volkswagen, was an outstanding success. A packed audience celebrated OSPAs being awarded in nine categories. The judges noted that the competition is getting more intense each year. The celebrations are continuing into the early hours. Many congratulations to all the finalists and of course, especially to our winners. 

Volker Wagner, Said

It was a great honour and a personal pleasure for me to host again with Professor Martin Gill at the German OSPAs 2017. The OSPAs ceremony showed clearly, we have remarkable people in our ranks, who guarantee with their expertise, commitment and their teams the security of their company, customers and employees. Also thank you to Volkswagen for the fantastic location.

The full list of winners:

Herausragendes In-House Sicherheitsteam

Deutsche Telekom AG Group Security Governance

It was a great event with the marvelous outcome to be awarded as Best In-House Security Department. Thank you to my entire department! It’s great that our performance is recognized also outside of our company what will help us in return also internally. And with the establishment of the OSPAs, security professionals can also prove their outstanding performances. A great idea from Martin Gill and kudos to him and the entire team that made the event possible.

Axel Petri, Senior Vice President

Herausragender Objekt- und Werkschutz

BASF SE – Werkschutz Ludwigshafen

Herausragender Sicherheitsberater

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

Herausragende Initiative für Sicherheitsschulungen

Deutsche Telekom AG – Telekom Security

Herausragende Informationssicherheit

KeyIdentity GmbH

Herausragende Sicherheitspartnerschaft

Flughafen Hannover-Langenhagen GmbH, Unternehmenssicherheit

Herausragender Ermittler

Corma GmbH

I am extremely honored to receive this OSPA.  For me and my team it is both confirmation and challenge at the same time. Confirmation that we are on the right track with our corporate investigation services. Challenge in which we will not stop improving our services. Thanks to the OSPAs and to the judging panel.

Jörn Weber, Managing Director

Herausragende Nachwuchskraft

Stefan Köhler – Infraserv GmbH & Co. Höchst KG

Besonderes Lebenswerk

Dr Franz Feuerstein


We would like to thank the DRIVE Volkswagen venue, all the sponsors, ASIS International German Chapter and W.I.S. Sicherheit + Service GmbH & Co KG, Supporting Associations and judges for all their time and commitment to the 2017 German OSPAs. A special thank you goes to our Partner ASW Bundesverband and BDSW.

All the photos will be uploaded onto ‘The OSPAs 2017’ Flickr page in due course. Please view this here- https://www.flickr.com/photos/152693975@N05/albums


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