OSPAs 2016

The 2016 German OSPAs were awarded for the second time on the 9th of November 2016. After months of preparation and planning, and after rigorous judging from our panel of experts the OSPAs are proud to announce and celebrate the outstanding performance achieved by our winners from across the security sector!

Founder of the OSPAs, Professor Martin Gill, spoke at the awards and reflected awards

‘What a fantastic reflection of the German security sector. This event sends out a message to the world that German security personnel are committed to security excellence. Congratulations to all of our winners tonight!’

YouTube Video: TheOSPAs

Herausragendes In-House Sicherheitsteam – BASF SE – Standortsicherheit Ludwigshafen


Our Company forms the best team by attracting talented individuals, retaining them, and helping them to develop further. With this aim in mind, we create a work environment which inspires and where everyone interconnects. We promote a wide range of personal skills and technical expertise and encourage our employees to contribute their creativity and potential. This approach is based on an open management culture which is founded on mutual trust, respect, and motivation.

Herausragende Initiative für Sicherheitsschulungen – exploqii

  exploqii    Werbe - / Modefotografie     ospa-dinner-1-copy

Located in Germany’s media capital, Berlin, exploqii gmbh specialises in the concept development and production of explanatory films, interactive videos and informational graphics. The video content aims to reduce complexity, which is an ideal approach for applications in the areas of product and service communication, eLearning, change management and corporate guidelines, for example.

The company also regularly supports communications projects on security and compliance themes for international corporations, the German security authorities, foundations and institutions. Our customers include Bayer, Deutsche Post DHL Group and Novartis, renowned medium-sized companies, foundations, associations and authorities. For more information, see http://exploqii.com

Herausragende Informationssicherheit – genua GmbH


Area of Service

Our business activities range from securing sensitive interfaces in public authorities and industry to networking highly critical infrastructure, reliably encrypting data communication over the Internet, remote maintenance solutions and providing remote access for mobile users and home offices. In addition, we offer comprehensive and custom-tailored service.

IT Security Made in Germany

All our solutions are developed and produced in Germany, and targeted at meeting the highest security requirements. The quality of our systems is backed up by numerous certificates and approvals for use with classified information. Many companies and public authorities rely on our solutions and service to protect their IT.


Herausragender Ermittler – D-Kontrolle KaDeWe (ASK)


The ASK Allgemeine Sicherheits- und Kontrollgesellschaft mbH was founded in 1991 in Berlin. Today, ASK GmbH has established itself as one of the few independent security companies on the national security market. Whether large department stores, retail, residential and commercial properties or public facilities – our employees show a presence.

At an early stage, the ASK has adapted itself to the diverse requirements of the modern service company. In addition to multi-faceted services relating to the topics of prevention and active object security, we offer a comprehensive range of services in the infrastructural areas of facility management as well as event services with trained and qualified employees. Our references are available on request. 

Herausragender Objekt- und Werkschutz – Infraserv GmbH & Co. Höchst KG

infraserv-gmbh-co-ho%cc%88chst-kg     C820 Preis

Infraserv GmbH & Co. Hoechst KG operates sites for chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as other related process industries.

Our company provides tailor-made all-round service packages from one source designed especially to fit the demands of our appreciated customers. These packages contain:

  • Supply of energy, water, technical gases and further process media
  • Disposal of waste and sewage
  •  Logistical services including procurement, cargo transport and warehousing
  •  Facility management including technical operating services, underground construction, fleet management and IT infrastructure
  •  Safety and security servicesBased on this portfolio we develop intelligent service packages and thus generate customer benefits which are hardly or not feasible this way by single assignments of various trades.


Herausragender Sicherheitsberater – VON ZUR MÜHLEN’SCHE GmbH

sche-gmbh-bdsi     vzm_42

VON ZUR MÜHLEN’SCHE GmbH (VZM) is an independent consultancy company engaged exclusively in security business. Founded in 1972 we have developed more than 1000 security concepts for industrial sites and administrative bodies, banking institutes, insurance companies, airports etc.

The range of our services spreads from technical expertise concerning IT-rooms under the aspects of security and high-availability over (re-)construction of buildings regarding architectural and technical aspects of security up to organizational consequences (alarm reaction plans, operation instructions for employees and security staff, business continuity planning etc.).

This interdisciplinary composition of experts for safety and security enables VZM to develop concepts regarding all aspects of security.

To the VZM group also belong SIMEDIA Akademie GmbH, a provider for high-quality safety and security seminars and trainings, as well as TeMedia Verlags GmbH publishing the fortnightly appearing safety magazine Sicherheits-Berater.


Herausragende Sicherheitspartnerschaft – Volkswagen AG | Konzern Sicherheit – Forensik


Our company ‘Volkswagen Group’ with its headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automobiles and commercial vehicles and the largest carmaker in Europe. With its future programme “TOGETHER-Strategy 2025” our group is laying the foundations for becoming a global leader of sustainable mobility.

Besonderes Lebenswerk – Peter Hohl

09.11.2016, DEU, Berlin: OSPAs-Preis-Verleihung - The OSPAs - Outstanding Security Performance Awards, Die Preisverleihung am 9. November 2016 in der S-Klasse Lounge der Mercedes-Welt am Salzufer in Berlin. Allianz für Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft e.V., ASW Bundesverband , Deutschland, Germany, Mercedes-Welt am Salzufer, Berlin - Charlottenburg, SCHILKE_2016110922481570 [ Photo-copyright: Detlev Schilke, Postfach 350802, 10217 Berlin, Germany, Mobile: +49 170 3110119, photo@detschilke.de, www.detschilke.de - Jegliche Nutzung nur gegen Honorar nach MFM, Urhebernachweis nach Par. 13 UrhG und Belegexemplare. Only editorial use, advertising after agreement! Eventuell notwendige Einholung von Rechten Dritter wird nicht zugesichert, falls nicht anders vermerkt. Sie obliegt im Bedarfsfall dem Nutzer. No Model Release! No Property Release! AGB/TERMS: http://www.detschilke.de/terms.html ]

Photo: Detlev Schilke / ASW Bundesverband

“Thank you for creating this award, which honours performances that are often provided in the background but are very important to our security. Thanks also to the jury for choosing me for this award. I feel delighted to accepting the award for all my colleagues in the media, who support and promote enterprise security as well. ” Peter Hohl


Juroren 2016

  • Oliver Fein
  • Steffen Gentsch
  • Prof. Dr. phil. Claudia Kestermann
  • Gregor Lehnert
  • Dr. Hans-Georg Maaßen
  • Dr. Christoph Rojahn
  • Philipp von Saldern
  • Michael Schmidt
  • Arne Schönbohm
  • Volker Wagner

Many thanks to our sponsors, our partners and our supporting associations. Without your help the night would not have been such a success. Also our thanks go out to our global trophy sponsor Edith Cowan University.


OSPAs 2015

The 2015 Outstanding Security Performance Awards (the OSPAs) have been held in Berlin, Germany. In its first year, the highly respected judges marked and presented the awards to the winners in nine different categories. The awards evening was attended by leading security professionals from across Germany as well as Dr. Hans-Georg Maaßen (president of the domestic intelligence service of the Federal Republic of Germany) and Michael Hange (president of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)), who were also both part of the judging panel

The winners, and the inductees to the OSPAs German Security Hall of Fame are:

Herausragendes In-House Sicherheitsteam (Outstanding In-House Security Team)


Deutschland, Berlin. Date: 11.11.2015 OSPAs Galaabend in der "Kalkscheune" Berlin Mitte. Outstanding Security Performance Awards 2015.







It was such a big thing to win against the quality of the opposition, my reaction when I heard was just wow. For me and my team it is an incredibly positive signal that we are an outstanding team of people, it is a visual sign we are doing a good job”

What the Judges said:

“Perfect change management process”


Herausragender Objekt- und Werkschutz (Outstanding Security Guarding Company)

ARNDT Sicherheit und Service GmbH & Co. KG

Deutschland, Berlin. Date: 11.11.2015 OSPAs Galaabend in der "Kalkscheune" Berlin Mitte. Outstanding Security Performance Awards 2015.








We are all very proud that we have won the OSPAs, especially for our team it is such a great motivation. Our goal is to have motivated, qualified and skilled employees – thats why we have our own sports team, called Team ARNDT (www.team-arndt.de) which is one of the best Triathlon Teams in Germany and why we are all working together as one team.

This year, we are proud to celebrate our 90th birthday – our company was founded in 1925. Today, we are a traditional company with many innovations and about 1250 employees in Germany. Winning an OSPA shows us, that we are going the right way.”

Florian Lechner, Assistant Manager

What the Judges said:

“This is the best practicing company on the market”

Visit their website: www.arndt-gruppe.de


Herausragender Sicherheitsberater (Outstanding Security Consultant)

Sachverständigenbüro Personenschutz

Deutschland, Berlin. Date: 11.11.2015 OSPAs Galaabend in der "Kalkscheune" Berlin Mitte. Outstanding Security Performance Awards 2015.






What the Judges said:

“A very informative representation of the skills, engagement and successes of the consultant. Very impressive!”


Herausragende Initiative im Kundenservice (Outstanding Customer Service Initiative)

SIGNUM Consulting GmbH

Deutschland, Berlin. Date: 11.11.2015 OSPAs Galaabend in der "Kalkscheune" Berlin Mitte. Outstanding Security Performance Awards 2015.Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 17.03.01







SIGNUM Consulting offers customers their services in Pre-Employment Screening (SIGNUM Consulting provides neutral and independent assistance during your personnel selection process), Pre-Business Screening (They obtain relevant business information as part of our Pre-Business Screening, before entering a contractual relationship), Anti-Fraud Investigations (Assist in countering data misuse, transport losses, trademark counterfeiting and detecting corruption signals) and Security and Risk Assessments.

“We are very proud of this award. Particularly with regard to the category Outstanding Customer Service Initiative that confirmed and rewarded our strategy of high quality, creativity and reliability” – Mr. Eckhard Neumann, Managing Director

What the Judges said:

“Great, innovative presentation”

Visit their website: www.signum-consult.com/ 


Herausragende Initiative für Sicherheitsschulungen (Outstanding Security Training Initiative)


Deutschland, Berlin. Date: 11.11.2015 OSPAs Galaabend in der "Kalkscheune" Berlin Mitte. Outstanding Security Performance Awards 2015.






Herausragender Errichter für Sicherheitstechnik (Outstanding Security Installer)

Deutsche Telekom AG

Deutschland, Berlin. Date: 11.11.2015 OSPAs Galaabend in der "Kalkscheune" Berlin Mitte. Outstanding Security Performance Awards 2015.







What the judges said:

“Offers new solutions with social media”


Herausragende Sicherheitspartnerschaft (Outstanding Security Partnership)

Sicherheitsforum Baden-Württemberg

Deutschland, Berlin. Date: 11.11.2015 OSPAs Galaabend in der "Kalkscheune" Berlin Mitte. Outstanding Security Performance Awards 2015.







What the Judges said:

“A partnership that offers useful information and consultancy for SMEs”

Visit their website: www.sicherheitsforum-bw.de


Herausragender Ermittler (Outstanding Investigator)

Eveline Wippermann, Detektei Holler

Deutschland, Berlin. Date: 11.11.2015 OSPAs Galaabend in der "Kalkscheune" Berlin Mitte. Outstanding Security Performance Awards 2015.







What the Judges said:

“Outstanding successes are described”

“Very interesting and good examples”


Besonderes Lebenswerk (Lifetime Achievement Award)

Jörg Ziercke, Präsident des Bundeskriminalamtes a. D.


Deutschland, Berlin. Date: 11.11.2015 OSPAs Galaabend in der "Kalkscheune" Berlin Mitte. Outstanding Security Performance Awards 2015.








Jörg Ziercke is the former President of the Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt/BKA). 

I am really pleased to get outstanding recognition for 47 years service, not just for me but my colleagues in the office and for the times in the past when I struck up good contacts with the private security sector”

To read about his career and achievement, please click here.


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